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To My Unborn Child

Time has gone by and we miss your face,
you had to leave without a trace,
we never had the chance to hold you tight,
which causes us mental fight,
if we chose another path that day,
you wouldn’t be this far away,
and we would all be still together
you are our symbol of unity forever,
you were our first child,
that feeling alone drove us wild,
you were deeply loved by me and your mom,
it is really hard for us to accept that you are gone,
I can see you walk in front of my eyes,
now I keep saying if only we chose otherwise,
now we’ll never see your first steps,
or hear your first words,
we’ll never see you play with your hug pets,
and it feels even worse,
the pain we live with is sometimes too hard to bare,
but even after all these years, we really still do care
and even though you’re far away, you will always be remembered and inside our hearts to stay,

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